What’s on Roger Simon’s Mind?

Chicago Magazine’s Carol Feisenthal has a sincerely touching two-part series on Politico Columnist Roger Simon. Part I ran Friday. She concluded with Part II Monday.

Five things we didn’t know.

1. Simon and his wife, Marcia, recently stopped by his pal, Roger Ebert‘s home in Chicago during a trip to attend Simon’s sister’s wedding. Simon says he has a good voice that doesn’t entirely sound robotic. He also says Ebert can communicate with a “bounce of his eyebrow.”

2. Simon doesn’t always read the comment section beneath his stories. As he explains it, the emails are more useful in that they are written to him. The comments are often readers commenting to one another.

3. He’s “one step short of obsessed” with Twitter. He gets nearly all of his White House breaking news from CBS White House radio correspondent Mark Knoller. And yes, Politico.

4. After he fell ill with blood poisoning a few years ago, ER docs told Simon’s wife, Marcia, to call his siblings and tell them to get to the hospital if they ever wanted to see their sibling again.

5. During his first interview back after his illness, President Obama started and ended the meeting with the following: 1.) “You have 20 minutes.” 2.) “The next time I see you, you will be at the [White House] holiday party, and you’ll be walking.”

Definitely worth a read.

Correction and clarification: Simon reads Knoller for his White House news, but also reads Politico‘s White House correspondents. He doesn’t just read Knoller. Additionally, he doesn’t always read comments beneath his stories because they can number into hundreds and thousands (if he’s lucky, he writes) and because they often comment to each other not directly to him. The above has been changed to reflect that.