What’s Next For XM’s POTUS 08?

A lot of folks have wondered what’s going to happen to XM Radio’s P.O.T.U.S. ’08 channel, now that the election’s over (heck, even David Gregory changed his show’s name…).

Here’s what we can tell you…(XM types are trying to not to over publicize any changes…)

The station’s name? Changed from “POTUS 08” to “POTUS.”

You’ll see a new lineup after the station’s “Morning Drive” program (Scott Walterman will no longer be hosting that program, having parted ways with the station following the XM-Sirius merger). Tim Farley will instead host that program. Ron Silver will host from 11-12. Joe Mathieu will host “The Press Pool” from 12-3 (an extra hour). Rebecca Roberts is also leaving XM and the 3-6pm slot will now be hosted by Pete Dominick, a stand-up comedian (he’s actually the warm up act for Stephen Colbert during live tapings of “The Colbert Report”). Details will be forthcoming about the 6-9pm hours.

POTUS will retain its relationships with such news outlets as Zogby, Pajamas Media and washingtonpost.com