What’s Next For Glasser

Earlier on FishbowlDC: “WaPo Newsroom Abuzz Over Glasser Move

She sent the following email to staffers this afternoon:

    From: Susan Glasser
    Sent: Tue 4/22/2008 4:20 PM
    To: NEWS – National
    Subject: a note to the national staff

    A year and a half ago, I was named AME for this section, and we set off together in pursuit of an amazing set of stories, from the earliest-starting, never-ending presidential primary camapign to the grinding war in Iraq in the twilight of the Bush era. It was a privilege and an honor to work with all of you on the tremendous coverage that ensued, all the more so because you have produced this courageous and innovative journalism at a time of great peril and handwringing over our business and our paper. And you’ve worked hard together to take on some of those challenges, whether by helping build a new political team for this most historic of elections, or taking our reporting and analysis online in important new ways or by helping taking part in a major redesign of the A section and significant reorganization of an editing system that had gone largely unchanged since the waning of the transitor radio. I’m leaving to work on a new project with Don Graham but will continue to watch what happens here with great admiration and support. Many many thanks to all of you.


Ignoring for a second the typos in Ms. Glasser’s “farewell” note, let’s take a different tack in this afternoon’s conventional wisdom conversation thread (namely, that Glasser was tough to work with) and ask this question: Despite Glasser’s faults, did she enact enough impressive and long-lasting work at the Post to make her legacy a net gain?

Posties: Thoughts?

>UPDATE: Also, a note from Len Downie and Phil Bennett:

    After a year and a half as AME/National, Susan Glasser will be taking on an assignment working for Don Graham.

    Susan has been a leader in spurring innovation in the national news report, especially in our political coverage, where she has introduced new forms of journalism and has helped make The Post a national leader in online coverage of the presidential campaign. She has been a prime mover of changes to make the A-section more dynamic and better organized.

    As in her prior roles as Outlook editor, enterprise reporter and editor, and foreign correspondent, Susan has worked tirelessly to promote quality journalism in The Washington Post.

    Rajiv Chandrasekaran and Bill Hamilton will direct the National staff while we select Susan’s replacement.