What’s inside this desert island Hatch? Possibly some jail time…

RichNakd.jpeg.jpgOh, Richard. We loved how duplicitious you were in “Survivor.”

But the IRS takes a different view of such a minx-like mien.

I mean, we’re all for creative accounting, but really now: From E!:

“[Prosecutor Andrew] Reich told the panel that Hatch had not only sought a $4,500 refund from the IRS in 2001 when he pocketed the Survivor booty, but that he also altered checks made out to his own charitable foundation, Horizon Bound, to renovate rental properties in Newport.”

Now, even I once got a $4,500 dollar refund from the IRS – but it wasn’t after I won a million dollars, people. Which also begs the question: Who’s more thick-witted? The guy who asks for the refund after winning all that cabbage, or the government agency willing to give it to him?