What’s Dana Tweeting?

It’s time again to check in on Fox News’s Dana Perino to find out what she’s tweeting about. Her Twitter feed can range from insane to more insane, so we like to keep tabs on her to get the latest from Looneyville. When we last left Dana, she was tweeting about her VERY expensive sparkly backpack. Fortunately, she has moved on to much less annoying topics. Just kidding, she’s still tweeting silly shit about her bag.

You know what’s distracting, Dana? YOUR $425 BACKPACK! Considering it’s the time of year where college grads get words of wisdom thrown at them from all angles when they graduate, Dana offers her own bit of advice.

So, there’s some safe, generic advice from a very successful lady who knows how to succeed. Now if only she could get Bob Beckel to heed that advice or snatch that bag off her shoulder. Besides, we think it’d look far better on Beckel.