What Went Wrong with Hillary’s Communications Team


Now that Monday morning PR quarterbacking is in full swing, it’s worth reading the November issue of Politics Magazine’s account of the Clinton campaign communications problems: “What Phil Singer Cost Hillary”.

Phil Singer, former campaign spokesman and current Marathon blogger is painted as a bit unhinged and uncomfortable with the traditional smile-while-you-stab art of campaign media relations. He repairs his own image by participating in the article as too passionate, too Method:

“I yelled at more reporters than I ever dreamed I’d yell at,” he says. “Honestly, I deeply regret it because not only was it wrong, but it got in the way, it made me less effective.”

Beyond the outside factors creating a difficult position for Singer to defend, it seems it might have been a matter of job design and he should have focused on only opposition work and not spokesmanship: “The guy is a master of the dark arts,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton in the article.

Also, check out Jonathan Alter’s mention of hard-hitting hipster spokesman Jay Carson:

“With the exception of [press aide] Jay Carson, they had the worst press operation–for their candidate as well as for the media–of any Democratic campaign I’ve covered in 25 years. Their job was to help reporters, not antagonize them with arrogant behavior and complaints to editors.”

[via Fishbowl D.C.]