What Traffic, Transit, Travel Apps Do You Use on a Daily Basis?

Slate asked an interesting question…

Could iPhone apps change the way we travel?

The article discusses iPhone GPS driving apps like Navigon and TomTom, traffic information apps like Waze and INRIX TRAFFIC!, the New York parking app Primo, driving eco-efficiency app greenMeter, carpooling app Avego and non-car related app categories such as public transit, bicycle and walking apps.

I don’t think the iPhone has changed the way I travel. However, it has been able to provide a lot more information that I used to have when I drive a car or travel by air. In particular, on a daily workday basis, I’ve found myself often checking the INRIX TRAFFIC! app for current road conditions and unusual situations (e.g., accidents).

What do you use on a daily basis as you wander around?