What Movie Would Win “Best Picture” if Twitter Voted?

The Oscar nominations are in, and Twitter is all a-buzz over the contenders. There’s The Social Network pitted against The King’s Speech; the Coen brothers versus Darren Aronofsky; and James Franco competing against Jesse Eisenberg. All this buzz got us wondering: if Twitter users voted today, which movie would win Best Picture at the Oscars?

With the Oscar nominations just announced hours ago, we expect today will be one of the most Hollywood-centric days on Twitter – matched only by the day of the Oscar ceremonies themselves.

In order to determine how Twitter would vote as a whole, we examined statistics from Trendistic, a Twitter trend monitoring tool. We searched for the name of each movie nominated in the Best Picture category, and determined the winner based purely on the volume of tweets about that movie today.

Without further ado, here is Twitter’s prediction for the Best Picture winner:

The King’s Speech. With 0.24% of all tweets including “The King’s Speech” at its peak popularity today, it looks like Twitter is talking more about this movie than any other on the Oscar nomination list. We’ll see if this is any indication of what’s to happen on Oscar night.

And just for fun, here are the runners up:

Inception came in second place with 0.22% of all tweets at its peak popularity this morning. Following Inception was The Social Network with 0.17% of all tweets. And coming in at a three-way tie for fourth place is Black Swan, The Fighter and Toy Story 3 with 0.16% each.

While this was just a rough use of statistics, we suspect there are people hard at work examining how Twitter is reacting to these Oscar nominations, looking at sentiment analysis, volume of tweets, tweets from influencers and more. Do you think Twitter could be used to actually predict the outcome of the Oscars?