What is Facebook's Slogan Saying

I just finished reading an interesting post over at Howtosplitanatom.com about brand slogans. The article talks about the classics like: “Always Coca-Cola” , “Just Do It” and “Think Different”. After reading the post I started thinking about the slogans of some of the social networks out there and what they really said.

The article makes a point to mention that some slogans appear to be after thoughts created with no real perspective. Having worked in marketing I find this hard to believe. Marketing people spend hours looking over the finest details.

With my new mission I decided to look at the slogans of some of the popular social networks and see what they said about their product. Certainly this is all up to interpretation, but it never hurts to look back at a product to figure.

MySpace: “a place for friends”

MySpace is the giant of social networking. In retrospect it is ironic that the MySpace logo is “a place for friends” since one of the major complaints is that a large portion of the profiles are fake. The slogan however embodies what MySpace was trying to accomplish, a place for friends to meet and stay in touch.

hi5: “Who’s in?”

Hi5 has the most inviting slogan of all the social networks. I think this makes sense since hi5 has created itself a truly international community feel. Their network slogan gives a sense of, “come see if you don’t like it we won’t be offended.”

bebo: “EXPLORE”

Bebo’s slogan makes the most sense out of all of the social networks. Bebo focuses on providing content rich experience that allows users to explore and discover new media. By connecting with people on bebo you can find explore their world of entertainment.

Facebook: “Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you”

While Facebook’s slogan isn’t very catchy it says quite a bit about the social platform. Facebook has taken a very utilitarian stance on providing a social network. They have created a framework and are expecting you to do most of the work. I do not use Facebook to meet new people, but instead use it to maintain connections.

I was wondering what your thoughts were on these slogans. I find it interesting how a slogan can me something different to different people. Let me know what your thoughts are on these slogans and maybe you could suggest some better ones.