What Has D. Shuster Been Up To Lately?


What has David Shuster been hiding lately?

Well, apparently he’s not hiding anything at all, and has become something of a…ROCKSTAR? The MSNBCer on suspension is living large and playing air guitar at weddings. (His latest gig, as indicated on his Facebook page, was “playing” at the wedding of White House Deputy Press Secretary Jen Psaki.)

Shuster remarks on his Facebook page: “Yes, that’s me playing air guitar recently at a friend’s wedding. The amazing band played top covers from the ’80’s. Talk about an awesome party!!!”

Some of the return replies: “We miss you man.” and “You ROCK!”

His music interests (as listed) include: Blues, Classical, Jazz, and Rock.

> Update: Just heard from D. Shuster, the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself. He wrote, “I don’t have a long history playing guitar. But I can confirm that I was having so much fun and was so inspired by the band at Jen Psaki’s recent wedding that I did drop to my knees in front of my wife and played air guitar.”

His musical background dates back to high school and includes playing baritone horn (“sounds like a trombone, looks like a miniature tuba,” he explained). He said he played the instrument in the Michigan basketball band.

As for MSNBC, Shuster says he is “still under contract” with the network.