What Happed to Nokia’s Design Legacy?


Quickie story that got us thinking. PC World has up this review of some new Nokia cell phone which quickly moves away from the phone itself and turns into a “what happened to Nokia?” piece, wondering how they transitioned so quickly from being one of the great design companies into an organization that hardly anyone talks about anymore (save for bad reviews like the one above). The puzzled review made us remember that feature in the New Yorker from a few years back, “The Phone Guy,” which was in part about designer Frank Nuovo, but largely about how amazing Nokia was, how much time and energy they spent on designing the perfect product, and how much research they put into to everything deep within their flashy futuristic offices. We have no answer at all (maybe it was Nuovo’s decision to leave in 2005?), but it does make you wonder what has happened in lo these few short years to this once former king of the industry.