What Gave You That Idea?

rock star
flickr: aeneastudio

Today at Ask A Manager, the Manager fields a question from a recent college grad in marketing (as far as we can tell) who writes:

A position recently popped up…I was really excited as I clicked on the link to read the job description and was immediately turned off by the language the company used. The first sentence of the description is that the company is “looking for its next rock star for its marketing team.” Now, in my experience any job description that uses language like “rock star” or “all-star” is a scam so I started to look into them.

The guy goes on to say that he found the company appears to be totally legit, but he’s still worried because they used the words “rock” and “star” next to each other.

Now, The Manager, Alison Green, is too nice or tactful to say this, but we’re gonna do it: What on earth gave you that idea?

Green mentions Starr Tincup as an example of a totally legit company that doesn’t post straightforward ads, but we’d add tons more to this list. Fashionista’s latest posting, though not in marketing, comes to mind..