What Do You Think Of Slatest?

slatest.jpgThe New York Times reported last night that — starting this morning — Slate.com is replacing its “Today’s Papers” aggregator with a new “Slatest” feature that will collect news three times a day.

Slate’s editor David Plotz told Brian Stelter that the “Today’s Papers” format was outdated and the online publication had started discussing a year ago how to change and update it:

“In an editorial meeting, Jack Shafer, the media columnist for Slate, observed that the news cycle had three distinct parts: an overnight shift led by newspapers, a daytime phase when other news media entities react to the overnight news, and an afternoon phase when, as Mr. Plotz put it, ‘the day’s news events break and are digested.'”

Today, Plotz wrote about the history of “Today’s Papers,” which says good-bye today, along with the site’s “In Other Magazine” feature. He also explains why the site decided to make the change. “‘Today’s Papers’ was hilariously backward by contemporary standards,” Plotz said. “The authors originally collected front pages by fax from newspapers that barely had online editions. (Our first ‘Today’s Papers’ didn’t even have links.)”

But despite the long-running column’s success and devotion from readers, “We saw a need for a new kind of aggregator, one that was intelligent, witty, entertaining, fast, comprehensive, and responsive to the new news cycle. So we created it,” Plotz said.

So we wanted to know, if you got your daily news round-up from Slate’s “Today’s Papers” how do you feel about the first reveal of Slatest?

What do you think about Slate’s new aggregator Slatest?(opinion)