What Do Editors Want?

What do editors want? Folio: asked, and three editors answered.

If you’re curious what these magazine editors are looking for in new hires, read the story. We have the highlight reel below.

Anthony Licata, editor in chief, Field & Stream:
“It used to be that we were just looking for editors who could tell a good print story but the job has really evolved and these days we’re looking for the Jack-of-all-trades type of editor…We certainly have gotten terrific talent from some places you’d expect—universities with good journalism programs and internship programs at top magazines—but we’ve also gotten some duds from those places, too. This may sound a little cutthroat, but the best way to find talent is to find work that you admire at a rival and then poach the person responsible for it.”

Robin Sparkman, editor-in-chief, American Lawyer:
“Editors need the basics…but they also need to know what works for the Web versus print, some familiarity with video, podcasts, apps, etc.”

Mariette DiChristina, editor-in-chief, Scientific American:
“Part of our magazine’s special forte is to deliver information not just in words but in informational graphics and illustrations that help explain the science…For instance, a past editor here had background as a TV reporter, so they were very accustomed to telling a story visually. …We always want that senior-level editor—a person with five to 10 years of experience, who can take a car wreck of an article and can figure out the narrative line. “