What Did Stray-Rod’s Blonde Have To Do With Daily News‘ Firings?

Heads are rolling at the Daily News, with new executive editor David Ng making drastic personnel changes at the paper. Well-respected metropolitan editor Dean Chang is out, replaced by former Post news managing editor (and current United Federation of Teachers press secretary) Stuart Marques (whose wife, JoAnne Wasserman, just happens to be an editor at the News). National editor Mark Mooney was fired as well.

Both the metro editor and national editor desks have been abolished; instead, Marques‘ new title will be “managing editor/news” and new hire William Goldschlag is expected to be named as the News‘ political editor. The New York Post spoke with a News source, who gave additional background:

“It’s bleak,” said one veteran reporter. “Dean and Mark were sort of the heart and soul of the newsroom. Most people’s loyalties flowed to those guys much more than to Martin Dunn or David Ng.” Said another insider: “People don’t know why it happened. There’s been zero communication from the guys at the top.”

In fact, many rank-and-file staffers were aghast that Ng hadn’t suffered, because he had apparently blown a chance to break the story about Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez cavorting around Toronto with another woman.


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