What Community Editors Do

Did everyone see this piece from PBS Mediashift profiling four community editors from big, mainstream news outlets? It seems like only yesterday we were talking about community editors in the context of blog networks, startups, and other smaller outfits—not the NYT and NPR.

Writer Craig Silverman profiles Jennifer Preston of the NYT, Andy Carvin of NPR, Shirley Brady, formerly of BusinessWeek, and Matthew Ingram of the Globe and Mail.

Highlights: “Complacency is the biggest danger, the biggest risk…The biggest challenge is raising awareness of these tools, and convincing people that they are worthwhile. … Let’s face it: being a newspaper reporter hasn’t really changed in a huge amount [over the last few decades]. You use a computer rather than a typewriter. So the change taking place right now is maybe harder to deal with if you’ve been doing that for a long time.”

“This job is also a public role, and I was unprepared for that. Some people were very kind and helpful and welcoming, but there was a group who were not. I had to figure out what my role is on Twitter because every broken link I sent out was seen as a crime.”