What Are You Looking Forward to During Design Week?


We asked, and NY’s top design writers, bloggers and tastemakers responded appropriately. And sometimes, not so appropriately.

Julie Iovine
Executive Editor, The Architect’s Newspaper
I love the way design week has morphed from a trade show to a city-wide moveable feast, with different neighborhoods customizing events to their own tastes from the arty showings in Chelsea to the green design pastures of Brooklyn. There’s also a May madness air that prevents it from turning entirely into a new-merch-for-pros bore: I may actually track down the guy demonstrating the new way to boil pasta or the blog-folk at The Apartment.

Andrew Blum
Contributing Editor, Wired & Metropolis
Nothing this year–I’m leaving town to report a story about urban planning.

Allan Chochinov
Editor, Core77 (and that map!)
Bang out the Javits in a few hours, then walk outside to see if there are any cabs. Futile. Then it’s a walk eastward, past the garage where they (re)paint New York City taxicabs yellow and peer inside. (Some of the guys even wear respirators.) It’s a longer walk to the subway than you think, but quickly you run into the 9th Avenue Street Fair–always seems to coincide with the ICFF–and then it’s a rapid-fire of Nutella/banana crepes, plastic glasses filled with chopped up watermelon, and cheap leather belts. (Oh! The scissors booths are pretty sweet, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get some vegetable chopper demo. Alas, those are pretty rare these days.) By the time you make it to the subway, your shirt is drenched, but you somehow get it together to head off to some gallery downtown to drink bad white wine and compare notes with others on what to do that night.

Seriously? Tobi Wong‘s new shop. An easy answer, sure, but I was heartbroken when his JFK caper went up in flames, and have been a fan since he was standing on the corner of Prince and Mercer hawking capsules filled with goldleaf to make your poop turn shiny. But hey, every kid’s doing that now.