What Achenbach’s Thankful For

Before beginning his 11/19 internal critique of the Post, the Post’s Joel Achenbach penned a humorous list of thing’s he’s thankful for this year:

    Today we give thanks.

    We are thankful to work for a newspaper that somehow, day in, day out, provides a marvelous and, as has been widely noted, almost punishing amount of information, analysis, sports scores and quasi-literate musings, plus comics, plus coupons, plus entire sections you’ve never even noticed until you’ve been asked to do the critique, all of it on sale for less than the price of your average oatmeal cookie.

    We are thankful that, despite our many failings, and the alleged putrefaction of the newspaper business, The Washington Post continues to be a stellar name brand, and turns a very respectable profit.

    We are thankful for Kaplan.

    We are somewhat appreciative of the community newspapers and the TV stations and the cable TV operation.

    We will try to be respectful of the Everett (Wa.) Herald. [Mental note: Isn’t it time we bought another totally random newspaper? In Scranton? Abileen? Fresno?]

    We are thankful for the hundreds of Post employees, domestically and in far-flung bureaus, who sacrifice their personal lives to work Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Morning and Thanksgiving Afternoon and Thanksgiving Night to deliver a quality product directly to the homes of hundreds of thousands of people while the rest of us engage in repulsive gluttony.

    We are thankful to Bob Woodward, who played a crucial role in making The Washington Post what it is today, and who, as Jeff Leen and other have pointed out, has yet in his illustrious career to be anything other than a generous colleague and consummate professional, though perhaps he should add Len Downie to his speed dial. We also are thankful to [copy desk: alive? dead?] Carl Bernstein.