“What? A Private Dinner Party Without A Privacy Policy?” [VIDEO]

Wow, dinner parties sure are complicated in the digital age. Do you have a Twitter policy? How about we write up some privacy rules and have all the invited guests vote on them? Or maybe we could have one room with the privacy rules, and anyone who doesn’t want to abide by them can have a free-for-all party outside? Check out this funny video for more puzzling questions of how Twitter can put a kink in your informal dinner plans.

It all starts as a simple dinner party invitation, but it goes horribly, horribly wrong.

The invitee simply can’t seem to fathom a gathering of people that isn’t covered by the security of a privacy policy. She doesn’t even think Twitter should be allowed, as she doesn’t want everyone with their noses in their smartphone or laptops. She wants everyone to be “present”, because everyone attending is important (especially her). How can you prevent thoughtless blogging or understand who owns the ideas that come out of the party without a Twitter policy?

Brought to you by the graphic designer blog xBlog, this is a great video that could offer you up some lessons for the dinner party you’re hosting on Saturday, along with some good old fashioned Friday laughs.