WH Scribe Causes Slight Stir With Urban Lingo


The Hill‘s Sam Youngman got himself into a pickle this past weekend during pool duty at a Nats game when he used the phrase “Kid is sick” to describe the team’s pitcher Stephen Strasburg.

Roll Call‘s HOH has some fun with the incident in today’s column by checking out the word “sick” in the Urban Dictionary.

On Friday, a fellow White House scribe got confused and thought maybe Youngman was referring to Sasha or Malia coming down with something.

Youngman told FishbowlDC: “It was just one reporter who e-mailed me and that prompted clarification and that clarification prompted dozens of e-mails. It was all pretty funny. I got a couple saying funniest pool report ever, funniest clarification ever. I got suggestions for words that are more easily understood for both older and younger pool report subscribers.”