WGA Strike Snippets of News

The WGA members seem to be worried about their public image. Maybe if they start the picket lines before 9 (like when the Teamsters go to work), the strikers might be taken more seriously. And lose the lattes and the Blackberries.

United Hollywood suggests there’ll be chaos. They wish.

We stand corrected: a picketer got hit by some crazed fool who must really hate reruns.

TV Guide has a handy guide for viewers, whoever they are.

At The Artful Writer, Craig Mazin’s blog, commentors seem to think journalists are all against them, because Big Media Corporate Owners want movie ad revenue. Which explains why so few journalists want to write for the movies.

The NYT piece shows the need for a re-write on the chant:

No money? No downloads. No downloads? No peace.

Wired’s guy in LA tries to prove that he knows what he’s writing about.

Gawker is chortling because there won’t be an Amy Winehouse SNL.

Twitter has a WritersStrike post.

The LA Times has news of an apologetic reality show worker crossing a picket line–like the WGA would do the same for her.

Tom Bomb has some viewing suggestions if the thought of re-runs is disheartening. On the other hand, if you’ve ignored most of the crap on TV, it’ll all be fresh if you watch now.