WGA 07 Strike : What Happens Next?


The readers of Nikki Finke (i.e., everyone who’s still interested in the outcome of the WGA strike) respond to her question:

What Should Happen Next?

with varying degrees of naivete (get the general public involved!),

realpolitik (prepare to take whatever the DGA gets),

general nuttiness (go back to work now and then strike when SAG’s contract is up),

and flat-out insanity (televised hearings on Hollywood accounting practices)

That’s the way to get America on your side–make ’em watch book keepers–American Bean Counter. Project Double Entry. Monkey Points with the Stars.


Is the strike benefiting the video game industry? Yes, say the Death Knights of Naxxramas.

Alec Baldwin is fed up with the WGA ‘s negotiators.

Robert Elisberg corrects Baldwin’s errors but stops short of calling him an idiot.

And Elizabeth Fies is just waiting for her film, The Commune, to open.