We’re Seeing Lots of Talk About RebelMouse

We’ve noticed lots of activity on our Twitter feed referring to new RebelMouse accounts. Are you using it yet?

For those who haven’t quite caught on yet, PandoDaily gushes, “You link RebelMouse to your Twitter account and Facebook account and pick your vanity URL. That’s it.

“Your page is transformed into a gorgeous mirror of your life on social media instantly. It’s sorted into ‘stories,’ your Tweets are like headlines and the bulk of the ‘story’ is the image. That makes it imminently consumable,” the rave continues.

Brought to you by Huffington Post’s former CTO Paul Berry (with financing from Lerer Ventures and Buzzfeed’s Jonah Peretti), the site has a Pinterest-y look and describes itself as a “social aggregator.” Technorati gives the site credit for going a step further, pulling together not just the simplicity of your Twitter feed and images like Pinterest, but the ability to highlight the things you’re most interested in. To use a well-worn PR phrase, it cuts through the clutter.

Ad Age is already finding uses for companies, writing, “Mr. Berry believes he has created a technology that can help companies both easily curate and create content that’s compelling to their industry, customers and maybe even the general public.” The story adds that it’s one of a host of startups trying to help companies become content publishers.

So far, the site has more than 12,000 people signed up in beta