We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl…

Fishy-fis.gifThe Fishies love blog synchronicity, which we have previously defined as occurring when you mention something totally randomly on your blog twice in one day. Today that happened with Pink Floyd (because who rocks harder than the Fishies?) and also with the word “twinkie,” in the context of Britney Spears’ voracious appetite and, funnily enough, Lachlan Murdoch, about whom we received an anonymous email. Our tipster wondered what was next at the New York Post “now that the Tattooed Twinkie is jetting off to Oz.” We think “Tattooed Twinkie” is an awesome nickname. And, we didn’t know he had a tattoo. Where is it and does anyone have a picture? Mmm, Twinkies are fluffy and delicious. In any case, we skipped the Fishies last week and we’re sorry, so that means we’ve got a special double issue for y’all coming up over the weekend. We’ll be back Monday with lots of good stuff, as we like to think we always are. Did that sentence make sense, and do we care? Of course not! It’s Friday! Whee! Have a great weekend.

Update: Fishies, fishies everywhere, or at least after the jump.

1. We love a good Talmud reference, even if it’s not necessarily a Talmud reference: And I don’t believe this is a Talmud reference, anyway. But it’s simply a wonderful, beautiful, simple sentence, and it stopped me short on the subway: “Roth would not die like a pomegranate, with all his seeds inside.” From The New Yorker, “Writer Interrupted: The Resurrection of Henry Roth” by Jonathan Rosen. You know, maybe this is a Talmud reference, insofar as the words of a writer are like a mitzvah unto the world. Aw.

2. A Musto Read (followed by a musto pun): I loved Michael Musto’s column in this week’s Village Voice, a fresh look at celeb commentary in the vein of telling them what they were doing – gasp! – right. Also loved his smackdown of Paris Hilton and Fabian Basabe for their bigotry, but more than anything was thrilled with the myriad unapologetic showtune references (Glenn Close: “You belt a love song to a monkey like no one since Michael Jackson” Jude Law’s Shag-o-Nanny: “She’s a regular Mary Trampins, a veritable chim-chim-cher-rude slag.”). Plus I had no idea that they were making Sunset Boulevard into a movie (based on the musical based on the movie). Ewan McGregor and Glenn Close? Outstanding. With one look they’ll be them!

3. We’re sure this was a deliberate shout-out: In last week’s New York mag, Clive Thomson gets up at 4:30 am to unwrap the secrets of good fish. I can’t imagine that there’s much more you need to know about the NYC fish scene than this very comprehensive article imparts. All fish, all the time + Canadian author (oh, yes!) = the easiest Fishy we’ve ever had to award. We are not biased, at all.

4. Root, root root for the home team: Congratulations to TVNewser and GalleyCat, two of MB’s blog-tastic blogs, for being designated Forbes‘ “Best of the Web” for Best Media Blog and Best Literary Blog respectively. Extra kudos to FishbowlDC for getting props from Forbes for his dogged, Javert-like pursuit of Romenesko. FishbowlLA, meanwhile, continues to rock on a general level, and we have to acknowledge the brilliance of this headline: “Air-Hug Me Deadly.” Honestly, there are no words. As for us, well, we’re just happy that no one’s tried to spoil Harry Potter for us. Oh, wait a minute…

5. Flippin’ your fins you don’t get too far… Entertainment Weekly‘s Scott Brown examines why Aquaman don’t get no love, between “Entourage” (oh, Vince’s face regarding the AquaSuit) and Steve Carrell’s impending 40-year old virgin. Props for asking: “So is the great Trout Whisperer an also-swam?” (nice) and for not being blatant about the word “seaman.” Also props to Lisa Schwartzbaum for the title of her “Island” review: “Makin’ Copies.” Nice. The Schwartzbaumeister. The Schwartzbauminator. The Schwartzbaum-o-rama. (New nickname alert! “The Schwartz-bomb?” Lisa, let us know what you think.)

6. Applicant must be a specific single person, and also it’s good if they’re not a blabbermouth: I don’t think I’m qualified to be Eric Alterman’s assistant, given that I am not particularly organized, efficient, or grown-up – all of which are specific job requirements. I do know, at least, that I am just one single individual, which I know is important because he’s looking for someone “discrete.” Eric Alterman, you may be a heck of a lot smarter than me but at least I know how to spel.

(That last one wasn’t reeeaally a Fishy, but we’re willing to let it slide. Don’t let it happen again.)