Well, We’re Sold…We Just Don’t Remember How


Guess we kinda like Adidas ads for a reason. Makes sense given that the brand just picked up Cannes’ Advertiser of the Year award. But to tell you the truth, we can’t remember a single ad of theirs. Not a one. Or at least this writer can’t. We even spent the time looking up what won what from their campaign last year and nothing rang any bells. But still, we like the brand and we believe every press release we read, so we’re just going to go with it. Here’s a little from said release:

“We are delighted to honour adidas in recognition of the brand’s success at Cannes over the last few years. Their numerous awards are a testament to a client who truly understands the creative process and is passionate about creating great work,” said Terry Savage, Executive Chairman of the Festival.

Erich Stamminger, also Executive Board Member of adidas-Salomon AG, responsible for Global Marketing and of the adidas brand’s business worldwide, will receive the prestigious Advertiser of the Year trophy at the Festival on the evening of Saturday 24 June.