Weiner Trying to Get Back to Work One More Time

Photo: AP

New York Rep. Anthony Weiner is once again asserting that Weinergate was a prank and it’s time for him “to get back to work doing the job that I’m paid to do.”

However, Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor might not be so quick to let that happen. “Again, perhaps he’s trying, but I know there’s a lot of explaining going on but without a lot of clarity,” Rep. Cantor (VA) is quoted saying on Fox and Friends.

This situation has consumed too much of our time this week and we need closure. But as soon as that picture went public with Rep. Weiner’s name attached to it, the poor Congressman was doomed to suffer through a crisis situation.

The media is having too much fun. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have endless ways of using this little nugget for nighttime laughs. And everyone else in the world like making weiner jokes, saying the word “weiner,” and making penis puns.

Weiner started out by dismissing it as a “prank” while also saying he was hiring legal counsel to look into it, saying he had better things to do (seriously, don’t we all?), and using a little humor about the whole situation. Then he had a disastrous press conference and went on a convoluted media blitz that raised more questions than it answered. His hemming and hawing gave people more “certitude” that Rep. Weiner was in fact passing his junk around on Twitter.

WaPo takes a look at what could have been if Weiner had a better crisis comms approach — one press conference where he stated plainly whether it was him and announced an investigation. Taiwanese animators also have a few suggestions about how he could’ve better handled it.

But the time for that has past. A number of people responding to a recent poll have stated they think Weiner is lying. Speaking clearly and honestly about what exactly happened and what he’s going to do now is the only way this is going to end.