Weight Watchers Goes Mobile

Weight_Watchers.jpgWeight Watchers has launched Weight Watchers Mobile, a WAP site that lets both Weight Watchers Online and eTools subscribers use weight loss planning and tracking tools on the go, according to MediaPost.

“With so many people spending more time on the Internet and using mobile devices, Weight Watchers saw a need to launch a mobile site for subscribers’ evolving lifestyles in order to provide them with information right at their fingertips,” said Michael Basone, president of WeightWatchers.com, in a statement.

The new site (mobile.weightwatchers.com) will work on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Apple iPhones for now; the company said (rather oddly, I must add) that they won’t provide support for other devices. We took a look at the site; apparently you need a login to even begin using it, which seems like a bit of a missed opportunity; a recent study indicated that plenty of cell phone users check out certain sites exclusively on mobile devices (we’ll try and dig up the link).