Weigel Writes Late-Night Apology Note to GOP Aides

By Betsy Rothstein and Matt Dornic

In anticipation of today’s Daily Caller story, WaPo‘s Dave Weigel wrote a late-night email (below) to GOP aides and conservative bloggers Friday morning at 12:22 a.m.

We at FishbowlDC question why Weigel continues airing his political laundry. If you’re a reporter, you’re supposed to be objective. We shouldn’t know if he voted for Ron Paul, President Obama or David Hasselhoff. If you’re going to be reporting on any political movement, you are supposed to take an unbiased approach.

The e-mail from Weigel:

Subject: Apology for a story you’ll read tomorrow

I belong to an off-the-record list for journalists; at some point this week, someone started sending reporters excerpts of things that I’ve said that are petty and insulting about conservatives. A reporter for the Daily Caller just called me to ask about this. I told him, truthfully, that in private I talk smack about things and people I cover. Left and right. I ripped into Martha Coakley. I ripped into Newt Gingrich. I talked the way I think I talk to everyone when I’m off the record — blunt, occasionally insulting. I am sure that this story will focus on things I’ve said only about conservatives and portray me as some kind of double-dealing enemy of the right. I’m sure that it won’t say, for example, that I’ve defended Andrew Breitbart.

I can’t tell you how to react to this, I just wanted to warn you that it was coming, and tell you that I apologize. I am a smart-ass libertarian who voted for Ron Paul and then (for some reason) Barack Obama. I talk about politics the way I talk about sports. I apologize for anyone that, in these emails, I’ve insulted. Please pass this on if the story runs and you know someone in it who wants to have a word with me.