Weigel Accuses Examiner Politics of Being ‘Snooze-worthy’

In a post on Slate this morning, Dave Weigel goes after the Washington Examiner for its “horse race” political columns. He says they’re getting “snooze-worthy.” Weigel wrote, “I’m not even sure that Michael Barone woke up before writing this one about ‘the Democratic party shrinking back to its bicoastal base.’ ” In his piece, Michael Barone says Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) didn’t attend an Obama rally in Wisconsin. But actually, he was there (it was a previous rally that Feingold had apparently skipped, Weigel notes).

In his first sentence, Weigel claims he has no deep-seated hatred toward the paper and is actually “a fan” despite the gossip item written about him earlier this year that involved him dancing solo at a friend’s wedding.

Examiner Editor Stephen Smith said he edited Barone’s piece and made the correction himself. “Mr. Weigel correctly points out that we erred in saying Senator Feingold did not appear at the Obama rally, ” Smith told FishbowlDC by e-mail. “We corrected the online version of the column, which was written before the rally because it was on a page with an early deadline. I edited the piece and should have deleted the sentence or revised it to say Senator Feingold was not expected to attend.”