Weekend Notes

Some reading to get you started today:

  • Howard Kurtz‘s weekly media column (yes, he still writes one) reports today on the case of the lying Bush administration source.

  • DCRTV reports that the Post cut two pages of paid death notices yesterday because the paper was too long. A particularly robust classifieds section meant there were more pages than the presses could handle, so the editors decided to hold Sunday’s death notices until today.

  • Regarding TV news coverage of Katrina: We’ve seen a new generation of reporters emerge over the recent weeks, although no single star stands out.

  • Oh, and that small tree falling in a forest no one heard today? That would be the confirmation hearings for the next Chief Justice of the United States (or, as Tim Russert incorrectly referred to it as yesterday, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. You’d think Russert would be the one person on TV to get that title right.).