Webby Awards Launch Daily Newsletter, Vow Brilliance

Talk about setting the bar high.

Netted logo.gifThe Webby Awards today announced a free daily newsletter that organizers say will deliver to subscribers “the Internet’s most brilliantly useful things.”

Dubbed “Netted,” the newsletter is intended to “introduce and steer subscribers to the online tools that make life better, more fun, and more productive,” according to a press release. Examples of the tools we can expect to read about include “a site that lets users skip the robotic menu when calling large companies to a service that instantly turns photos into postcards and mails them anywhere in the world.”

In a prepared statement, David-Michel Davies, executive director of
The Webby Awards, said, “Netted is about helping readers use the Internet to master modern life in ways both big and small. Think about the first time you found Fandago or used Skype. Our goal is deliver those types of brilliant but practical tools to inboxes every day.”

Netted’s editor in chief is Peter Hyman, a former Vanity Fair staffer and editor at Men.style.com. Publisher is Chris Green, senior vice president of business development for The Webby Awards.

You can sign up for the newsletter at the link above (or here, if you’re too lazy to scroll back up). They’ll ask you for your zip code, gender, age and whether you recommend “a life changing Internet site, app or product you think we should cover.” Sadly, you must wait a day for the brilliance to begin.

I signed up, and will judge them by the high standards they’ve set. I’m also curious as to how they’ll choose what to send based on the demographic information you provide, so later I’ll sign up with a different address, fake my gender and age, and see what turns up in the email. I am so tricky!