Web 2.0 and SCNR Fill Up Bay Area

[Google at Web 2.0 – From Flickr: The man pictured on left declared that Google PR doesn’t want photos taken of their booth and told me I must vacate the area. I politely told him I had every right to take a photo, to which he said he understood, but was being forced by PR to make the effort to avoid people taking photos. What didn’t they want you to see? (image cred)]

There’s a party going on this week in San Francisco – and that party is called the confluence of the Web 2.0 Conference and the New Communications Forum.

While we do wish we were there, feasting on swag and open bar parties, we’re having fun watching the Twitter posts, aka “tweets” and blog posts of those at the events:

From Edelman VP Phil Gomes: Individually, I like a great many folks here at Newcomm Forum. As a whole, i’m so pissed at the attendees I can barely see straight.

From Read Write Web’s Marshall Kirkpatrick: first: change the world! next: look at my crappy ad widget company! we’re printing money!

Tom Foremski says Web 2.0 seemed to be a “dud,” and this surprised him, “because the build up to the show was very impressive. There was a D-Day scale PR assault on the local press corps, promoting the glories of the coming Web 2.0 show–way, way more than usual.”

Clearly, we feel lonely in NYC this week.