How Do Our Tweets About The Weather Compare To The Real Thing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone loves to talk about the weather. OK, maybe we don’t love it, but it’s that conversation-filler that works well when there’s an awkward pause or we simply can’t think of the next topic to discuss. And we don’t bring up the weather only while waiting for the bus – we tweet about it, all day.

Fast Company Design found this data-heavy interactive infographic from data visualization company CleverFranke which explores how Twitter sentiment tracks to actual weather patterns.

CleverFranke analysed 714,843 tweets about the weather and compared them to official reports from the Dutch Meteorological Institute. They charted the results on a massive radial map that displays each day of the year along its own axis and its corresponding wind speed, temperature, sunshine and precipitation.

The researchers found that humans are pretty down on the weather.

We tend to be much more negative about the weather than positive, in general. But we aren’t that sophisticated in our ratings.

The way that most people rate the weather is simply by sticking their head outside and seeing if there’s any sunshine. More so than any other factor – including the Institute’s official weather rating – sunshine influences our sentiment towards the weather. If it’s sunny, we’re more likely to say good things about the weather, even if there’s biting wind and freezing temperatures.

The infographic itself can be found at CleverFranke’s website, and is really worth exploring if you’re a data hound.

(Woman holding umbrella image via Shutterstock)