Daily Mail Reporter Wraps Up @WeAreNewYorkers Stint

There’s a brand new and very cool Twitter account to be aware of. The idea behind @WeAreNewYorkers is simple: each week (Monday through Sunday), a different resident of Manhattan is chosen by the feed’s co-founders to curate the information and help stamp it with a personalized view of worthy, favorite and out-of-the-way local living.


At the helm this week has been Lydia Warren, a reporter for the US side of The Daily Mail who also runs a blog called “Today’s the Day I….,” all about her experiences since moving to New York from London in 2011. Warren has highlighted everything from West Village shop Dolce Gelateria’s spaghetti ice cream to a visiting Downton Abbey “tea truck.”

The individuals responsible for @WeAreNewYorkers tell FishbowlNY they prefer to remain anonymous, so as to keep the focus on their team of New York-based curators. “We’re both under 30, both film aficionados, and we actually met on Twitter and decided to start this account together,” they explain via email. “We’re not native New Yorkers but have been here for three-five years and absolutely love the city.”

“What’s great is that some people tag us in their tweets about New York and have started sharing tips about their favorite restaurants, cafes or other things they like to do.” they add. “That’s the sort of interaction we wanted, so it feels good.”

The four other curators so far have been a Columbia film student (@mansinirjain), a contributor to the Indian expat online magazine The NRI (@shivani510), a Sarah Lawrence student (@ellarileyadams) and Rachel Quigley, digital news director for Life & Style and In Touch. If you’re interested in curating for an upcoming week, there is an online application form here.