We won’t have Michael Kinsley to kick around any more

When Michael Kinsley first announced he was stepping down as LAT editorial page head, he said he would stay involved in the paper in a to-be-specified role, per his and John Carroll’s wishes. Turns out, not so much. In an email sent out to LAT staff today, Kinsley revealed that publisher Jeff Johnson (who now oversees the editorial page directly) has decided he wants a “clean break.” Next stop on the Kinsley Express: the Washington Post.

Email highlights (though you should read the whole thing at L.A. Observed): Kinsley is sorry that his tenure at the paper ends on this “bitter note.” He also thinks that (I’m correcting some typos in the email here) “one test of an editor is how good his or her product is when he or she is not around. ” In which case one might say that the LAT editorial page has truly tested the often-not-around Kinsley.

This ending seems sad, but also right. It’s kind of like the last moments of ‘E.T.’ I’ll miss Kinsley, but he never really belonged here and I know he has to return to his home planet.

(Oh, and Andres Martinez will be taking over for Kinsley, while also continuing in his present role.)