We Went To The Wexner And All We Got Was This Lousy Queasiness

We’ve recovered enough from our Wexner-rama by now to be able to post the sloppy cameraphone shots we took and think a little bit about just how the building affected us. Which was pretty much a one note reaction. We felt a little queasy. A little nauseous. And we couldn’t figure out why — although we’d heard there was something a little “wacky” going on with the angles — until Sidekick put a paper against the floor and the (we thought) 90 degree column and showed that it was half a degree off. So there you have it. That’s architecture. Half a degree off something you think is straight and the whole paradigm is shifted. Building looks (see below), from the outside, like a cross between the House VI and House X diagrams.

diagram outside.jpg

hanging column.jpg

Building looks, from the inside (see above, note “hanging column” focal point and scale figure), like something that’s just a little off. And maybe that’s the point (we vaguely remember vaguely sometime vaguely hearing that it was something at least close to that). But seriously. For real. Isn’t that a little lazy?