We Went To Some Parties Last Night


We told you about the Storefront thing. We went. We told you about the QT thing. We also went. But we didn’t tell you about the Jacob the Jeweler thing. We even went to that. Last night’s sightings, in order of memory: Ashanti, Lizzie Grubman, Jonathan Cheban, Steven Holl, Dan Wood, Sarah Herda, Sasha Petrasky, Beatriz Colomina, Alessandra Ponte, The Tart, Eric Schuldenfrei, Mark Wigley, Mary Ellen Carroll, and of course our sidekick. Storefront kids were mostly behaving themselves, QT was all right (breaking gossip: apparently Lindy Roy is not so psyched about how her collaboration with Andre Balasz turned out and wants to get her name off the project. Oh!) but the Cargo high school theme got a little old right around when we couldn’t figure out what a hall pass was. (We never went to high school).

Fuller interiors report TK.