We Pronounce The Video Resume Dead

MainStreet.com put together a feature containing the worst video resumes ever.

And it’s true, they are atrocious: here’s the guy who said he got fired for not paying his taxes at his last job:

And here’s a guy who appears to be just singing and dancing for seven minutes. Confession: we couldn’t sit through the whole thing.

But here’s the thing: click any of the “related video” links and you are guaranteed to find another horrible resume. Almost 100% guaranteed.

This one is pretty hysterical; the jobseeker doesn’t even make an appearance until 45 seconds in, and then the camerawoman seems surprised to see her.

This one is almost okay, but the lighting is terrible and we are baffled by Minnie Mouse’s presence.

And this production assistant’s video resume is incredibly ironic. Can you guess why?

However, there are times when a video resume really does blow us away. Very rarely, but it happens. Apparently the following video resume for a marketing guy landed the creator on CNN–how did we miss this?

This clever video got Alec Biedrzycki “dozens of job referrals” and he’s now doing freelance marketing work. Cool.