We Interupt Your Regular Program To Bring You Self-Congratulatory Blather

emmy-trophy-L.jpgAward Shows are like other people’s proms: We don’t care who won king and queen, we’re not interested in what the theme was and, unless someone’s boob pops out of her gown, we don’t want to see the video.

But clearly someone out there does wants to see this stuff, because every year they put it on television. So, to the housewives of Peoria and meth dealers of Riverside, this Fishbowl item is for you:

To spread the wealth of nominations, The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has changed the rules and expanded the number of voters for the Emmy Awards.

The new rules are meant to highlight much-loved but oft-overlooked shows like Gilmore Girls and Battlestar Galactica.

But TV conspiracy theorists have posted all manner of gossip for your consideration – including suggestions that the more “secret” procedures are meant to cover up “a bloc-voting scandal.”

Like it hasn’t been obvious for years that not everybody could, possibly, love Raymond.