We Got a Letter From Mini Me’s Lawyer

First we are not a celebrity gossip site. We don’t actually care about Britney Spears. We care about the people covering Britney Spears…in theory. Anyway, we posted about the Verne Troyer sex tape because the woman in it looked slightly like Mayrav Saar – which was/is hilarious.

Then we got a letter from Troyer’s lawyer saying that the image we had up was a violation of his privacy. TMZ was getting sued by Verne for releasing the tape. We talked to our lawyers and took the image down.

Then we emailed Troyer’s lawyer and asked:

Do you think that someone that makes a sex tape actually has a reasonable expectation of privacy? Really? It seems to be the number one reason for not making a sex tape and especially not a copy of said tape. Don’t you think?

We have yet to hear back – but if we do – we’ll post it.

Anyway, today the tape and images are BACK on TMZ.com.

The dumb thing is – we don’t care about Troyer or any one else’s sex tape. Couldn’t care less. And here we are miffed about being told to take down images when another site doesn’t have to or just won’t.

The moral of the story is: You know your throw away joke has horribly backfired when you are sent a temporary restraining order.