We Didn’t Want To Say Anything But This Has Gone Far Enough


As any typically avid reader of ours will know, we have a few favorite sites we like to read and link to, sometimes other publications, sometimes other blogs. And we like them, and we get used to their voice, and we know that in the times that we need solace we can turn to them, and they will be reliably interesting, or funny, or at the very least something to read.

So it is with great sadness that we noticed today, thanks to a reappeared Spugbucket, that the Gutter is sucking harder than it has ever before, even in the early days when they were finding their feet, learning their html, oh-so tentatively tiptoeing up to the doorway of the blogosphere.

Seems they did some editorial changes on Friday. Lock, please, for the love of blog, bring back the original.

Because, really, there’s only enough room for one little valley girl who writes about design. Bitch, please.