We Adore Dora Drimalas


Dora Drimalas throws a Nike logo up on the screen at the Y Conference and says, “Does everyone know what this is?” The audience nods. “Well, this is what we call bread and butter.” That’s right, Hybrid Design’s extra-spectacular work for Nike is just their side project–what they do to fill the time when they’re not running one of their several empires. Just to give you the rundown, we’ll need to start another paragraph.

There’s Drimalas’ and husband Brian Flynn’s Hybrid Design, Nike wonderfactory. There’s Hybrid Home, manufacturer of that cool “Reservoir Dogs”-looking pillow. There’s Super 7, which is a SF store and a magazine celebrating Japanese toys. And there’s Neo-Kaiju, a limited-edition toy company where they collaborate with people like Tim Biskup.

Drimalas dresses cooler than any designer we’ve ever seen, and speaks with a bubbly earnestness that combines equal parts fascination and modesty. When talking about the popularity of their endeavors, she’s as giddy as a kid. Seeing Naomi Campbell on a couch with one of her pillows: “There’s supermodel ass on my pillow!” When hackers correctly predicted the SKU numbers for a limited-release toy, effectively purchasing all 50 toys online before they were actually available: “Of course toy geeks would be computer nerds. Awesome!”

By the way, Drimalas offered a free pillow to anyone who could name all the “shapes” in the Super 7 t-shirt pictured above. We’re guessing the offer still stands.