Watching them watch us, pt. 2

cl96.jpgOh, and a leftover from Friday: NYT LA-based correspondent Charlie LeDuff is hosting a show on the Discovery Times Channel (yes, that’s NYT-affiliated) called ‘Only in America’, in which he travels around visiting with colorful subcultures. (And solves crimes! Well, apparently not– too bad, it’s a good idea.) The NYT brought in freelancer Carlo Rotella to review the show, which I guess is the only possible move when the show in question is co-produced by the paper and features a staffer. And you kind of have to feel for Mr. LeDuff, because he doesn’t get off easy:

One also grows tired of Mr. LeDuff’s self-regarding need to mark his territory. Depending on whom he’s hanging out with, he will start droppin’ his g’s and otherwise broadening his variable regular-guy diction. When he offers an analytical insight – for instance, when women fight, “it’s kinda hot” – he’ll put some extra stoner drag in his voice to assure us he’s no egghead. Hanging with the head Rat at ringside, Mr. LeDuff is moved to remark, “You’re like the Svengali of a lost generation, man.”

Anyway, I’m setting my Tivo and will bring periodic reports from the LeDuff field.