Watch the Box: Travel Channel Pilot Week


Travel Channel lets viewers to play programmer during Pilot Week starting December 17. While the audience can criticize and discuss the shows, we think they need more information–why not provide the budgets, too?

Offerings include:

Feasty Boys Eat America – Jim and Jon, the Feasty Boys will visit the first cranberry harvest in Carver, MA which inspires two culinary feasts during this half-hour show. Airs December 17 at 8p. Carver would be a great location for Saw, the series.

Hamburger Paradise – The history of the burger is the focus and the show will take viewers cross-country to find the best in the land. Airs December 17 at 9p. Haven’t we seen this a zillion times before?

10 Things You Don’t Know About Florida: – Half-hour guide seeks out unexpected places in Florida. Airs December 19 at 8p. Gator farms, Seminole bingo.

10 Things You Don’t Know: Hawaii – This second installment explores the overlooked destinations in Hawaii. Airs December 19 at 830p. So the locals can pound haole ass.

25 Mind Blowing Escapes – From jungle treks in Thailand to watching sunsets in Santorini, Greece, this program will journey to exotic, not-to-be-missed locales. Airs December 20 at 8p. If only the name was true–as in where to buy the best drugs.

Art Attack with Lee Sandstead – Art historian, Lee Sandstead will show off the best art museums throughout the world, giving viewers a top 5 “must-see” list at each museum with a history/mystery lesson about each treasure. Airs December 21 at 8p.
Sister Wendy, phone home.

The Deal Hunter with Ian Grant – Ian takes viewers on a trek through New York City to find signature items the city is known for, offering insider tips along the way. Airs December 21 at 830p. Do trannie hookers count as a signature?

Luxury Series (title TBD) – This 60m pilot will highlight private islands, vehicles and homes of America’s wealthy elite. Airs December 18 at 8p. Snore.

Extreme Hotels – Two piggy-backed episodes will look at the world’s most unusual hotels and resorts with insight from owners and guests. Airs December 20 at 9p and 930p. Snorissimo.