Watch Out Page 6! Here Comes Palmeri

tarapalmeri.jpg It’s a dream come true. (Well, one of them, anyway.) In three weeks time, the Washington Examiner’s Tara Palmeri heads to Manhattan where she’ll go to work for the New York Post’s splashy Page 6 gossip column. She replaces Neel Shah and will work under Richard Johnson and write for other sections of the Post. Shah is moving to LA to be a TV writer. Johnson has overseen the column for more than two decades.

“LOVED it there,” Palmeri wrote to FishbowlDC of her time at the Examiner. “I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to discover my love for gossip reporting at the Examiner, but New York is calling.” And, she joked, “The Salahis forced me out of town.”

More seriously, she noted, “I’m excited about this new adventure, but will miss Washington and its gossip.”

A co-columnist for the Examiner’s Yeas & Nays column since last September, Palmeri previously worked as an assistant in CNN’s political unit. She began her journalism career as an intern at Voice of America.

Palmeri is undoubtedly in for the wild ride. Once asked what makes a good Page 6 item, her new boss, Johnson, replied, “You need sex, money or violence – or all three.”

For anyone who has seen Palmeri, the gossip scribe, in action, it’s a funny, nervy sight to see. We know the unabashed Palmeri will take her distinct take-no-prisoners party style to New York and wish her all the best.