Washington’s Top Journalists

This month’s Washingtonian magazine lists Washington’s “50 Best and Most Influential Journalists.” (not available online as of this writing). It’s mostly a round-up of the regular Media Rockstars: The Russerts, Blitzers, Broders, Friedmans, etc. But it does feature a number of lesser-knowns (but equally influential), including Cox’s Ken Herman, CBS’ Mark Knoller, Legal Times’ Tony Mauro, and WRC-TV’s Tom Sherwood.

Oh, and a little ‘ol lady named Judith Miller.

It’s interesting to take a look back at a similar list done by the Washingtonian in 2001 and to see who’s fallen in and out of favor in DC’s Media World.

Somewhere, Fred Hiatt gently weeps…

(Also of interest are two other “lists” in the December issue: “Great Explainers & Thinkers”–George Will, Chris Hitchens, Robert Samuelson, Stuart Taylor, Jr., etc.–and “People to Watch”–Ed Henry, Jonathan Weisman, Ryan Lizza, Rajiv Chandrasekaran, etc.)