“Washingtonienne” Jessica Cutler Working As An Escort

0328washingtonienne.jpgRemember Jessica Cutler? You know, “Washingtonienne”?

The Senate aide-turned-sex blogger had her 15 minutes of fame a few years back when Wonkette discovered her story and outed her? Remember afterwards when Cutler and Ana Marie Cox were BFFs for two days? And then how Cutler released a book that sunk like a lead zepplin?

It looks like she’s working as an escort these days. The New York Post discovered that Cutler is listed as an escort by NYC-based Wicked Models, operated by the Eliot Spitzer-linked Kristin “Billie” Davis.

Unfortunately, the Wicked Models site is borked right now, but that’s Cutler’s picture to the right. Here’s her description:

Brooke is an All-American brunette with long dark hair and big green eyes. She has the benefits of an Ivy League education. With her good looks and background, she is a great companion for any gentleman.
Rates start at $1,000 per hour, please call or email to schedule: 212-xxx-xxxx – xxx@hotmail.com

Incall available to select clients.

Google cache available here.