Washingtonian Takes On the “New Brain Trust”

Harry Jaffe over at Washingtonian magazine ranks what he calls WaPo’s “new brain trust.” On a scale of one to ten, he had reporters and editors rank their new leaders.

The ladies, Katharine Weymouth and Liz Spayd, take the cake in this contest, out ranking Marcus Brauchli and Raju Narisetti with scores of 8 and 9, respectively.

Katharine Weymouth: Even as she delivers the news that the Post must shave $85 million in costs, the young publisher gets high marks for being calm, steady, and forthright. Also pretty hip and approachable. Rating: 8

Marcus Brauchli: As executive editor for six months, he has yet to establish a real presence in either the print or the Web-site newsroom. Reporters call him the Ghost. At lunches with reporters, he seems “disengaged” and consumed with his BlackBerry. Rating: 6

Liz Spayd: She has lots of cred in both newsrooms. She’s the only top editor who came up through the Post and appreciates the culture. As one of two managing editors, she’s been in the downtown-DC newsroom, putting out the newspaper and directing coverage on Washingtonpost.com. Rating: 9

Raju Narisetti: Only a month on the job, he got off to a rough start. He worked with Brauchli at the Wall Street Journal, launched a newspaper in India, and now shares the managing-editor title with Spayd. Posties say it’s Narisetti’s job to cut staff at Washingtonpost.com. After an all-hands staff meeting, he stepped into an elevator with eight of his staff members. They expected him to chat; he never looked up from his BlackBerry. Rating: 3