Washingtonian MOM Comes to Life

Washingtonian Style Editor Kate Bennett gave birth to Washingtonian MOM this week. The proud mother and er, child, are doing well. She’s 11 inches. Rest doesn’t appear to be an option.

“I guess I would have to say I’m just happy we made a publication that has resonated so well with our targeted audience – the response has been overwhelmingly positive,” Bennett told FishbowlDC. “I’m already in the process of putting together the second issue, which should be out right around the holidays.”

The new pub’s VIP launch is September 10th at Range, Bryan Voltaggio‘s swank restaurant. They’re expecting about 100 people.

Bennett has a down-to-earth mission for the new mag. Sure, it’s obviously for women with kids, but it’s for women who were people before they had children.

“I think while we’re targeted at women, moms in particular, we’ve made a publication that is smart and sophisticated and stylish, but it also has the service elements that are a hallmark of the overarching Washingtonian brand- so it has legs way beyond the typical ‘parent’ magazine,” Bennett said when asked what women can expect from the magazine. “We’re speaking to insightful local women, so we needed to offer new trends, new ideas, fresh profiles, and, I hope, really helpful information. I said this in my editor letter, but what I kept in mind while making it is the idea that first and foremost we’re connecting with women who happen to be moms, not moms who happen to be women. We were people before we had our kid – this is a publication that understands that idea.”

Washingtonian MOM is available at all the places you might expect it to be — Whole Foods, Giant, Safeway, CVS and Barnes & Noble. Retail price is $4.99 (regular Washingtonian is $4.95). This is quarterly publication. The second issue will drop around the holidays.