Washington Post Launching “Political Browser”


Roll Call’s Rachel Van Dongen left the paper recently and joined the Washington Post. To do what? Well, she wouldn’t say at first.

“She couldn’t/wouldn’t tell us when she left,” said one Roll Call’r. “It’s something new.”

“It was described to me as some kind of political wiki project, separate from .com and the paper but not entirely,” said one more.

“She wouldn’t go in to details when she left,” said another.

“All we were told was that it was the ‘Washington Post Company, where
she will work on a government-related Internet venture’,” said another. “And she was very close-lipped about the whole thing.”

But, then Rachel, tucked away on the Post’s 9th floor, started sending out emails like this:

    My name is Rachel Van Dongen and I am an editor here at the Washington Post. I am looking to staff a new political internet venture. Would you be interested in sending along your resume and some clips?

Here’s what we’re hearing: An announcement is slated for Monday for “Political Browser,” which will highlight the best political coverage around the Web (not just WaPo articles).

Have we already seen this kind of idea before? Yes. Will they somehow avoid repeating the other attempts at this? We’ll see.

>UPDATE: The Political Browser is real but it’s not Rachel’s project, we hear. So what is Rachel up to?